How to Edit Plugins and Register Steps

Once you have setup your project as demonstrated here, you can now register your custom plugins and workflows along with any steps or images that you require.

CRM Solution Manager follows the same principles as outlined in the CRM SDK for registering plugins and workflows. To learn more about these topics please see the SDK help files or the CRM webiste:

You can access the window to register plugins by one of two ways. There are context menu buttons at both the project and solution level in the Solution Explorer

By accessing the menu item at the solution level you will see all the assemblies registered for the organization. If you use the menu item at the project level then you will only see the current projects' plugins and workflows.

Any plugins or workflows that are avaiable for registration will be yellow. To register, simply double click the plugin or select it and then press the 'Register Plugin' or 'Register Workflow' button. If you are registering a plugin you may also skip this step by simply registering a step which will also register the related plugin.

A window allowing you to speciy a name and friendly name will be shown.

After pressing the 'Register Plugin' button your plugin is now registered and the icon will turn green.

To register any steps or images highlight the plugin and then press the 'Register Step' or 'Register Multiple Steps' button. Doing so will bring up the a window allowing you to specify the properties of the step as well as registering either a pre or post entity image along with it.

Registering multiple steps for different entities and different messages is possible using the 'Register Multiple Steps' button. The following window demonstrates registering a single plugin for multiple entities and messages.

After pressing the 'Register Step/s' button for the preceding screen you will notice that 12 steps were registered but only 8 images. This is due to the fact that you cannot register images on a post operation delete step.

The main window shows all the steps and images that were registered:

You can also disable or un register multiple steps at once by holding either the shift or ctrl key while selecting them.

The following image shows the 3 steps now disabled.